Loving Your Skin
  • Unicorn Bath Bomb


    The Perfect Gift Set That will WOW Any Unicorn Lover! Let’s face it! Unicorn Gifts are extinct! Now that you found this Mystical Magical bath bomb grab it now to unfold majestic wonder. Buy our Bath Bomb Gift set Now to experience a spa like experience in the comfort of your home! 
    Each Bath fizzy is unique and will turn your bath water into a beautiful shade of blue or purple. 
    Scented in top note of fresh lime, pineapple and raspberry with a creamy base of vanilla. A perfect blend of rainbows and unicorn fart. 
    Natural Ingredients - Our bath bombs are made of sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, fragrance oils, cream of tartar, kaolin clay and colorants.  
    Cruelty Free- Never Tested on Animals, 100% Vegan Safe Synthetics SLS Free 
    We only use biodegradable glitter in our products

    Weight - 160 grams when packed

    Wondering how to use a BATH BOMB? Watch the video below;