Loving Your Skin
  • Relaxing Bath Salt - Ocean Breeze


    Indulge in a relaxing & fragrant retreat with our Ocean Breeze Dead Sea Salt. A blend of sea salts enriched with peppermint essential oil extracts gives you a bath that will help you relax from top to toe. It revitalizes tired worn out muscles & the aroma of fresh mint will linger on your body long after you have left the shower.


    For Body: Take a dip in a warm bath mixed with the Ocean Breeze Bathsalt to rejuvenate your whole body.

    For Hands: Ocean Breeze Bathsalt is best for dry hands. It exfoliates and seals in the moisture. Dipping your hands into a warm bowl of water containing Ocean breeze you would feel your hands becoming baby soft.

    For Feet: Dipping feet in a bucket full warm water with Ocean Bl Bath Salt is great for tired, sweaty and smelly feet from standing all day. Mint leaves a tantalizing feel on your feet keeping it free from bacteria.

    Dead Sea salt is the best way to clean the skin by natural exfoliation. It gets rid of toxins and helps blood circulation. It gets rid of dead skin cells, cleans skin pores and helps in skin regeneration. It also helps firm up skin tissue and strengthens them against infections. It relaxes the body by relieving body aches and pains.

    Weight - 150 grams