Loving Your Skin
  • Bug Off Buddy - Mosquito Repellent


    Summer is the season of days by the pool, nights by the barbecue, and (queue scary music) mosquitoes! Tired of getting chewed up by mosquitoes? Keep the bugs away without synthetic chemicals this summer by using our all natural “bug off” lotion bar. We’ve custom blended some essential oils to keep the bugs away and keep you smelling great all summer long. Apply the lotion bar to your legs and arms and let the bugs beware!

     They don’t have any of the nasty chemicals that you’ll find in store-bought repellents, and they work just as well (plus they’re nourishing for your skin, too..

    They are very effective at keeping bugs away because they actually coat the skin with a protective layer. They are easy to take along and the kids can apply it themselves. 

    They are absolutely non sticky & non greasy.

    Absolutely safe for babies

    Instead of being filled with chemicals and toxins like conventional bug sprays, this lotion actually nourishes and moisturizes the skin while protecting it.

    Weight - 75 grams per tube

    Made with a blend of the following essential oils;

    Cinnamon oil, neem oil, orange oil, lemongrass oil & Rosemary oil & peppermint oil