Loving Your Skin
  • Beard-O-Holic Soap


    When you are trying to grow a thick and strong beard, you will experience some degree of discomfort along the way.

    While many soaps that you are using on your face say they are moisturizing bars, they contain harmful detergents that are drying the skin and causing the skin to become irritated.

    Because your skin quickly absorbs whatever it comes in contact with, it is important to pay close attention to the soaps you are using on your skin because it will, in turn, affect beard growth.

    A beard soap has many benefits to the skin and the growth of your beard, giving you a more healthy skin tone and a fuller, softer, and healthier beard.

    The process in which these natural soap bars are produced is much different than that of the commercial soaps.

    First, specific natural oils and fats are mixed to create soaps that lather much richer than soaps with detergents.

    By using healthy fats and oils, and eliminating synthetic fragrances, the lather you produce when washing your face also has a natural detoxifier, basically removing any toxins from the surface of the skin and reducing the itchiness during different growth phases of the beard.

    Once you begin to incorporate a natural beard soap into your cleaning routine, your face and beard will have a fresh look and feel to it.

    The oils in the soap tend to leave the facial hair clean and slick, allowing you to easily run your favorite comb or brushthrough it without getting tangled.

    Net Weight - 130 grams