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An average woman can handle multiple tasks within the day, be it running an errand, driving the kids to school, perform different tasks for work, and prepare meals and whatnot. Although we all want to look like J. Lo or Kim K., without a hair out of place, sometimes, it’s just next to impossible.

Especially when your makeup is melting with all the sweat and unending activities, we all just need a quick spritz of whatever that’s going to help keep our look all put together.

Face mists work as a toner or a fluid that is packed with nutrients to help retain moisture in your skin. It makes your serums and moisturizers absorb better too! What’s great about it is you can spray it on your skin and get instantly revitalized without messing your makeup.

How face mists work

A cool spritz on your face feels refreshing, but there’s more going on than meets the eye. Hydrating face mists are designed to seep deep into your pores and deliver nutrients as an active part of your skincare routine.

Face mists work through a process called vasoconstriction, the narrowing of blood vessels. Misting our faces to generate vasoconstriction can achieve many ends: it is known to increase blood flow to the brain, regulate body temperature and maintain homeostasis (the overall functioning of our bodies). But with the right ingredients, misting our faces can do much more than just boost our biological processes—it can actually nourish and enhance our complexions.

Vasoconstriction actually decreases blotchiness in our skin by countering vasodilation, a common process in which blood vessels relax and widen, resulting in reddened skin. Face mists stimulate the skin with cool fluid and compel blood vessels to narrow, keeping skin balanced and complexion even.

Mist onto your face, neck and chest after cleansers, or any time you’re craving an extra-nourishing dose of antioxidants.

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