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So you may be wondering why we use a synthetic substance, zinc oxide, in our products if we are trying to be all natural. You may not even know exactly what zinc oxide is. We definitely didn’t until doing some extensive research as we started creating baby products. The core value of our product line is to keep them 100% natural. That’s why we want to explain what zinc oxide is and why we use them in the diaper rash cream.

Zinc oxide is a fine white powder that is insoluble in water. That simply means that if you dump a little zinc oxide into a cup of hot water and stir it around, you’ll just end up with powder and water. Zinc oxide can occur naturally as the mineral zincite but most zinc oxide is synthetically produced. You’ll find zinc oxide in a lot of products as an additive, and in the beauty world you will see it in diaper rash cream and in sunscreen.

Rub the zinc oxide cream on your skin and water droplets will sit on top of the cream. Wash your zinc oxide hands in warm water and you’ll still have beading water. The zinc oxide repels the water and keeps it away from your skin. This is exactly what it does on your baby’s body as well. Wet diapers won’t cause diaper rash because your baby has a layer of zinc oxide cream on that repels the wetness. It’s the best substance to use in diaper rash creams because it works so well at repelling moisture.

This diaper rash cream at soapworks is made with some amazing healing ingredients like shea butter, zinc oxide, almond oil and castor oil to ensure your baby’s skin it totally pampered and cared. ‘

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